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Charles TORDO et la première Chaise "Bleue"

The spectacular tribute given by Dr. Alain Frère, in the church of Ste-Rosalie, described in detail the immense career of the multifaceted man who has just left us.

The skillful craftsman of his hands, the inventor with countless patents (wheat thresher, cable tractor or tiller, parasol strollers, Window-scraper), at the origin of the famous blue chairs of the promenade Niçoise, many times improved, the volunteer servant of the Tourrettane population (he rescued Tourrettans, with his hands of a proverbial address, his inventiveness always awake!) Did he fix any kind of tools?), the man of faith who so many times served his church Ste-Rosalie, the man who had, too, a certain idea of France, an essential member of the Liberation Committee (no longer remains, today, only René Biagiotti), the man who always knew how to keep smiling and rejoice his fellow citizens Inénarrables stories in patois. We would have to invent laws for these lighthouses in our campaigns, make petitions, beg for them from the divine authorities a few years, a few months, a few days of life still.

Alas, the great inventor went to the Lord, inventing for the Angels other wings to better fly to the aid of mankind. For you Charles Tordo, we are all, the Tourrettans, like the characters of the Angelus of millet, low hat and the sad heart. We present our condolences to all the family, to his relatives, to his friends, to say to the whole commune. (4/7/2003)