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The original Blue Chair from the French Riviera

The original Blue Chair

The original blue Chair - traditional blue chair - always manufactured by our care and constantly improved and strengthened in the spirit of innovation and ingenuity of his maker Charles Tordo.

Find its standard model of 1950 and its variations.
Buy or offer the real blue chair from Nice and the French Riviera.

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Original Chaise Bleue from French Riviera

From Price €320.00

Charles Tordo 1950 Blue Chair®

This is the original Blue Chair. The famous Blue Chair of Nice and the French Riviera.

Now with wooden slats, aluminum slats or kit with aluminum slats.

Made in France, 1950 model.

Delivery time : 4 to 8 weeks

You can also have your chair personalized with a plate proposed below.

Chaise Bleue double

From Price €570.00

The Blue Double Chair.

Now with wooden or aluminium slats. Delivered as a do-it-yourself kit.

Dimensions / 102x79x55 cm.

Weight 17 kg.

Made in France

Delivery time: 4 to 8 weeks

You can also have 2 personalised plaques affixed to your chair.

High Chaise Bleue

From Price €403.33

The high blue chair.

Delay : 4 to 6 weeks

Now with wood or aluminum slats. Delivered in kit

Made in France on the 1950 model.

Delay : 4 to 8 weeks

You can also have a personalized plate affixed to your chair, as proposed below.