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Aigle de Nice socle plié avec support

Aigle de Nice à fixer au mur

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Eagle of Nice to be fixed on the wall by the Blue Chair Collection.


A majestic Nice eagle to be fixed on the wall. Choose the expression you want to inscribe at its feet.

La Chaise Bleue declines it in several versions like the famous "M'EN BATI SIEÙ NISSART" (I don't care, I am from Nice) which sacralizes the independent and humorous spirit of the people of Nice. Find 8 other Nice expressions to make appear on your eagle.

M'EN BATI SIEÙ NISSART : I don't care, I'm from Nice (in the sense that we don't always need to do like the others).
TAN TOUT UN M'EN CALAVI: Anyway I was going down (one day a mischievous kid threw a firecracker under the donkey of the priest Don Soulina who made a pitiful fall although without gravity. When he got up, he put up a good face and did not pay much attention to the child and his self-esteem, exclaiming: "Anyway, I was going down").

(Made in France by LCB).

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