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Blue Chair bench in kit
Blue Chair stool (aluminum slats)

Blue Chair backless bench in kit

VAT included 4 to 8 weeks
In Stock

Bench Blue Chair 2 seats without backrest or armrests, delivered in kit.

Choice of aluminum or wood slats (limited edition).

Delay : 4 to 6 weeks


This bench Chaise Bleue 2 places is very robust with the use and the climate. It is a great choice for a terrace or a garden.

Delivered in kit, it is up to you to assemble it.

What type of slats to choose, wood or aluminum ?

Wooden slats are traditional. However, as with any wood product, they require attention, especially when exposed to the outdoors. Back in the day, cities would strip and repaint chairs every year. The wooden slats are hand-cut and require a lot of care to make.

Aluminum slats are much more durable and do not require such maintenance. The cataphoresis (high temperature) paint treatment on the aluminum slats gives them a resistance as great as that of cars. We manufacture and process our aluminum slats from scratch.

Certificate of authenticity and personalized plate(s)

Our chairs are unique and come with a certificate of authenticity and a serial number to identify them. We affix a standard plate with its numbers on the back of each chair.

These plates can be personalized with the name of the recipients or any mention of less than 37 letters. If you wish, you can order a personalized plate with each of your chairs.


Data sheet

51 cm
95 cm
42 cm
11 kg

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